A Guide To Diamond Dotz Kits


Diamond Dotz- a fun and easy craft, is rapidly gaining popularity. Use the stylus pen to attach “diamond-like” dots to the corresponding fabric squares to create amazing patterns. This technique is meditative and soothing and allows you to create stunning 3D patterns quickly and easily. There are three levels for using Diamond Dotz: intermediate, advanced, and beginner. You will find many Diamond Dotz kits Canada to suit your ability. The finished work can be used as display piece or can be gifted

How To Craft With Diamond Dotz?

They are tiny diamond dots that can be placed on sticky fabric materials with the help of a stylus that comes with the dots. The dots are approximately 2.5mm in diameter, and they have a similar appearance as rhinestones. You can also call diamond dots diamond painting, paint with jewels, diamond embroidery and diamond painting cross-stitch. It is also known as Broderie Diamant in French.

What Is The Difference Between 5d And 3d When It Comes To Diamond Painting?:

The difference between 3d or 5d in diamond painting is the number of facets the stones have. Three facets are found in 3D diamonds, while five facets are present in 5D diamonds. The greater the number of facets, the greater the sparkling would be.

What is the Diamond Art Kit?

A Diamond Painting Kit is a set of items that includes everything you require to start and finish the work. The kit includes the canvas and all the necessary supplies.

What’s Inside The Box?:

You’ll find many items inside your Diamond Dotz Box when you open it.

  • A design printed on a 100 percent polyester fabric piece.
  • The kit includes a comfort grip and a stylus, along with a craft tray (and a wax caddy).
  • Dotz come in various colors and are organized by color code.
  • Diamond applicator
  • Tweezers

How Do You Best Paint Diamonds?:

Anyone can learn how to paint diamonds. To begin, remove a small piece of protective film placed on the canvas. Next, place the crystals on the canvas according to the legend/colors. Use the applicator tool or the tweezers to place the crystals on your canvas as closely as possible or find out more here.

Important Instructions-

  • As a first step, remove the protective film from any area you are about to start working on.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before you start to ensure you don’t get any oils or dirt on the adhesive. Also, only expose what you need. It is especially important if you have pets! Their hair can get caught in your designs (I have a pug that sheds).
  • When you’re not working on the design, keep the protective film in place to ensure that dust and dirt do not get on the adhesive and the design.
  • Pick a color you like and place it on the tray provided with your kit.
  • Open the wax container and push the stylus head several times, adding the grip to your hand as you go. Once you are done using the wax container, close it.
  • After finding a dot in the tray, place the stylus head onto the top.

Diamond Dotz is one such activity that anyone can enjoy. Working with diamond dotz can be quite relaxing and you can create beautiful 3D patterns with it.